Introducing ANTIGUA – the bold, colourful oversized acetate frame with transparent teal trimming. It’s time to make a statement with a fresh new look.

Achieve perfect chic fashion that stands out from the crowd with ANTIGUA frames. Every element of this frame has been designed for maximum impact, from its playful yet professional vibe to its oversized acetate design and transparent teal trim creating an effortless style. This frame is the perfect way to show off your sassy trendiness, making it ideal for any fashionable woman looking for a little something extra in her eyewear collection.

ANTIGUA frames are also lightweight and durable, allowing you to wear them without worrying about being uncomfortable or damaging them easily. So don’t be afraid to make a bold statement – slip on your ANTIGUAs and let them do the talking!

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Full 1-Year Warranty on ALL frames to ensure that you’ll love your glasses every day!
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