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About Us

My name is Afiya and I’m the owner and founder of Chic Frames.

Chic Frames is a new start-up, born during the initial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that it’s easy to be boring so we choose to stand out by being unique and offering styles that perfectly compliment the varying personalities of our customers.

Built on the love and support of family, we extend that feeling to all of our customers through every personalized interaction. Rest assured that whatever your needs may be, you’ll leave your meeting with Chic Frames not just satisfied, but also knowing that your optical and esthetic needs are understood, cared for and supported.      

WHY? I’m a young, enthusiastic entrepreneur, desirous of bringing style and a classy edge to the optical eyewear industry.

I believe that everyone. Regardless of class and budget, should be allowed equal access to visually appealing, high-quality products that are a basic necessity for many. I am mostly inclined to those who are unable to afford thousands of dollars in eyewear but want something different, something that’s unique to them and their sense of style.

With my flair for being different and my eye for trends, I combine my resources to work hard and bring to you quality products, at an affordable price.

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