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3 COMMON Eyeglasses Mistakes!

Wearing glasses helps us see better, but sometimes we do things that can make them not work so well. Let’s talk about three common mistakes and how we can fix them!

1. Clean Them the Right Way

Don’t use regular household cleaners or tissues to clean your glasses. They can make scratches on the glasses and ruin them. Also, don’t breathe on your glasses and wipe them with your shirt because it can make them oily and dirty.

Fix It: Use special cleaner made for glasses and a soft cloth to clean them. Before cleaning, rinse your glasses with lukewarm water to get rid of any dirt. Then, dry them with a cloth that won’t leave lint.

2. Take Care of the Frame

Glasses have a frame around them, and we need to take care of it too! Sometimes the screws can get loose, or the frame might not sit right on our nose.

Fix It: Check your glasses to see if anything is loose. If you find a problem, ask a grown-up to help you or take them to an eye doctor. When you’re not using them, put your glasses in a case to keep them safe.

3. Keep Them Away from Heat

Glasses don’t like it when it’s too hot. If you leave them in a hot car, the frames might change shape, and special coatings on the lenses can get damaged.

Fix It: Always keep your glasses in a cool, dry place. Don’t leave them in the car or near really hot things. This way, they’ll stay in good shape!

Conclusion: By being careful with our glasses, like cleaning them the right way, taking care of the frame, and keeping them away from extreme heat, we can make sure they last a long time and help us see well!

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